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  • India's most Senior friendly phone

    Easy to read , easy to dial, easy to hear, easy to charge , easy to get help….these are just some of the attributes that make easyfone, India's most senior friendly phone. Easyfone has been designed specially for seniors and is a perfect companion for seniors who desire Independence and safety. Buy yours now.
  • Explore the world with SilverWings holidays

    What a wonderful phase of life Retirement can be! SilverWings Holidays are designed for Seniors who want to explore the world along with other like-minded Seniors in a fun, comfortable, hassle-free way. We have several destinations in India and abroad for Seniors to explore and enjoy. Pack your bags now!
  • Make your home safer,friendlier and a bit more magical

    Juvo-wonderlite’s sophisticated sensors automatically switch on its LED light when there is inadequate ambient light & motion is detected. Is battery operated and can be installed in just 2 minutes. Gives you total flexibility - stick it, hang it or make it stand where ever you need light. So no more fumbling, tripping & falling in the dark.

How SeniorWorld makes a difference

SeniorWorld was inspired by Seniors who wish to redefine the retired person stereotype and live their life to the fullest. Our vision is to enable India's Seniors to lead more active, engaged, independent and fulfilling lives. We plan to achieve this by providing content, products, services and engagement avenues that impact the lives of our seniors and their families positively.

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