• A journey to remember by Rana Pratap Bajaj

    by Rana Pratap Bajaj May 26, 2017

    I am back after a wonderful trip to NE. I will share experiences but in the mean time I can say it was enchanting, ever-lasting and refreshing experience of superb spectacles, simple and smiling people, organic food and pollution free fresh air though thin at places like Nathula, yet invigorating!..Read More

  • Farida Jalal : The Actress Who Stole The Show From Heroines

    by Shilpi Madan August 19, 2016

    There is a palpable lovable quality about Farida Jalal. She is the quintessential mother hen, the adorable grandmother, the soft spoken confidant. People of all age groups want to be around her. 'This is my real poonji, my real award, this is the love is that matters'.She is one of the few Ind..Read More

  • 6 Indian Seniors Who Are Reviving Mother Nature

    by Faiz A Faiz July 25, 2016

    In this episode of SeniorWorld Inspirational Citizens Series, we bring to you 6 names, often not-so-known figures whose work towards mother nature needs to be recognised. Setting examples in these days of rampant deforestation and mindless eco-harming (think of plastic use), these 6 senior citizens ..Read More

  • Give Life A 2nd Purpose During Senior Years

    by Faiz A Faiz July 22, 2016

    Leaving An Indelible ‘Mark’ BehindMark D’souza is 57, from the busy city of Mumbai and is living a life full blessings and contentment. Every day, 40 seniors bless Mark from the core o f their heart when he goes to deliver his free tiffin for them. Delma, 85 and a retired teacher, is one such ..Read More

  • 15 Seniors who are shining up Poor Children's lives with Education

    by Jasneet Kaur July 22, 2016

    In this episode, we bring up 15 such inspirational seniors who defy age, challenge the system and do the impossible, in the field of child education, especially for underprivileged kids.Gaurav of Our Society: Snehlata HoodaSnehlata Hooda is displaying an indomitable passion for teaching the underp..Read More

  • Badhai ho Babuji - Alok Nath turns 60... officially!

    by Shilpi Madan July 8, 2016

    If Om Prakash was the grandfather, Nirupa Roy was the mother and Iftikhar was the police commissioner of the B-town then Alok  Nath, the genial, smiling and astonishingly soft persona Rajashri Productions created, is surely the dad of the Bollywood. Or, to give him a title more suitable to his ..Read More

  • Senior's CheatSheet For Perfect Holiday Packing

    by Faiz A Faiz June 21, 2016

    [ A Swiss joke: Pauldy and Mrs Pauldy were going on a vacation. She packed almost the whole house and arrived at the station. When the train was approaching the station, Pauldy said, “darling, you should have packed the grand piano”. “Are you taking a hit at me?” A furious Madame Pauldy ..Read More

  • My Papa Bestest

    by Shilpi Madan June 17, 2016

    So what if most Indian fathers are a little undemonstrative in their love for their children?They enjoy being around their young ones, watching them grow, fall, get up again; rooting for them, sharing their thoughts, fears and ambitions while playing their gentle,yet firm guide. Papa bears are t..Read More

  • Tax Benefits of Preventive Health CheckUp

    by Faiz A Faiz May 17, 2016

    Health is the key to a rewarding and stress-free life. All other aspects of life fade into insignificance if one can’t boast of robust health. And, this is especially true for elderly people who have their own special needs and risks. As one age, diseases make an appearance and one can’t quite s..Read More

  • Don't compromise on Health - Choose NABL Certified Labs Only

    by Jahnavi Sarma May 12, 2016

    “Laboratory tests are used to support diagnosis in patient care as well as medical research. The test results, therefore, should be reliable, accurate and reproducible” - Indian Council of Medical ResearchLaboratory services are essential for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is also i..Read More

  • Cine-ma ka Maa-Tracker

    by Shilpi Madan May 5, 2016

    With Mother's Day just around the corner, we are probably picking up gifts for other mothers and finding ways to spend some time with them. This article looks at how the moms of Bollywood have evolved over the years. From struggling Nirupa Roy to savvy and suave Swaroop Sampat, here is the "Theory..Read More

  • Swaroop Sampat: An Actor, Researcher, Teacher rolled into one

    by Shilpi Madan April 13, 2016

    She's gorgeous and gutsy. The 1979 Miss India title only enhanced her vivacious personality. Sleek boned, gifted with an even more sharper acumen, and powered by the desire to help the lesser privileged, Swaroop Sampat has, over the years, made an indelible impact on many: in the audience acro..Read More

  • 10 Super Foods To Make Senior Years Golden

    by Jahnavi Sarma April 6, 2016

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates A healthy diet is important for physical and mental health at any age. But this becomes especially significant as we age because the nutritional needs of the body changes as a person grows older. An older person needs more nutr..Read More

  • Preventive Health Packages For Seniors - What, Why & Where ?

    by Dr O P Sharma April 6, 2016

    Preventive health check-up is still a somewhat alien concept in the Indian scenario. As a nation, we have the tendency to wait for an illness to strike and then take action. Fortunately, now, with more awareness, things are slowly changing. Health is gradually becoming an important issue and peopl..Read More

  • Amazing Amma: Life begins at 70

    by Jasneet Kaur March 26, 2016

    Old age can be a blessing. For many people, the post retirement years are often the best as they are free to pursue their interests and hobbies, travel to all those places they had always been planning to visit, have fun and generally do everything they ever wanted to do. With the proper guidan..Read More

  • 7 Indian Grandmothers who are also Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Singers

    by Biswashree Dey March 7, 2016

    Traditionally, we confine the roles of older women to being mothers and grandmothers. How many women would have the courage to re-define their lives well into their 50’s or later, to pick up new passions and seek new purpose? That’s exactly what these 7 women have done. They are redefining th..Read More

  • Guide to Finding a Partner in your 60's

    by Arpita Sharma February 4, 2016

    Why did we decide to come up with this post? Apart from our endeavour to bring forth positive stories about senior citizens like we do in every blog post, we realized the need for this particular topic when our readers responded warmly and actively to the story of how Ramesh Kakade (67) and..Read More

  • Rekindle That Fire This Republic Day

    by Faiz A Faiz January 25, 2016

    Another new year has arrived and so has another Republic Day, the 66th one. In human ages it is something like that of a wise veteran one, to be in the late half of one's 60s, at the peak of the average life expectancy of an Indian. Surprisingly around the past handful of years or so, we have witn..Read More

  • At 81, He is Daring Cancer, Sharing Care

    by Faiz A Faiz January 6, 2016

    Cancer might be scary but it is never insurmountable. While there are people, very much amongst us, who look at it in its eyes and say, “I am not giving up!”, there are also people like Mr Subol Bose, from Calcutta, who not only gather courage to utter those words confidently but also inject..Read More

  • Power Your Being with Clay

    by Guest Author December 22, 2015

    This blog post has been written by Aparna & Anandita, of The Clay Company, a pottery class provider. Interested seniors can contact them on their website or on their Facebook page. The Clay Company has their studios set up in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and Nehru Place, New Delhi.  Have you ..Read More

  • When I Retired - An Ode To Rejuvenation of Life

    by Guest Author December 15, 2015

    This post is written by Dr Irfan Sheikh who practiced medicine in England for most part of his life. After retirement, his life didn't become idle but it just because busy with new activities. He took up his long forgotten hobbies, travelled around the world and did what he always wanted to do but..Read More

  • Is 60 the new 40? Indian seniors are greying great

    by Rahul Gupta December 7, 2015

    “I am old, not obsolete” - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator Genisys (2015) In a country where we have businesses, e-commerce portals and start-ups for every purpose, seniors have been overlooked barring in the healthcare space. Targeting the youth & young adults, who are obviously m..Read More

  • The Fantastic Flight of Fauja Singh

    by Faiz A Faiz November 30, 2015

    Fauja, translated literally means ‘Soldier’, and hasn’t he been christened perfectly! Where and how does one even begin to talk about this one man army? Fauja Singh is a world record holding racer-fastest to run a marathon (male, over age 90), fastest to run 5,000 meters (male, over age..Read More

  • Top 7 Exercises for Seniors

    by Arpita Sharma September 29, 2015

    If you’ve missed out or couldn’t commit to exercise during your busy schedule while working – you can always start now. We’ve addressed most concerns and/or excuses for not exercising here. So, you have no reason to say No. What are the choices? There are many exercises that you can eas..Read More

  • Why Meditation Should Be a Part of Every Senior’s Routine

    by Arpita Sharma September 29, 2015

    It is believed that the golden period of life starts after retirement. And it is true isn’t it? All good things come after sixty – peace, idyllic retired life, and grandchildren. This can become the most fruitful period of life for those who are willing to adapt and learn new things. ..Read More

  • Why Seniors should make Exercise a way of life

    by Arpita Sharma September 29, 2015

    My joints are paining. I can’t sit cross-legged on the floor anymore. I feel breathless after walking.Sounds familiar? With age these complaints become more frequent. We hear them from people close to us – parents and/or grandparents. Or it could be us – making the crossover to the grand ..Read More

  • Meet India’s oldest Yoga Teacher

    by Viji Athreye September 29, 2015

    Nannamal, a resident of Coimbatore, has proven that the fountain of youth is indeed in one’s mind and one’s talents. The 95-year old is a disciplined Yoga practitioner and teacher, the oldest in India, and can perform 50 yoga strokes with ease, including the tricky ones like the ‘lotus’,..Read More

  • The Original Cheerleader

    by Shifa Maitra September 29, 2015

    ‘People who don’t love themselves don’t love anyone.’ I was a teenager when I heard my grandmother say this, and it didn’t make any sense. Today it’s the decree I live by! If there is someone who has shaped my way of thinking the most it is my grandmother. Without ever doing conve..Read More

  • Of Family Trees and Memories

    by suranga Date September 29, 2015

    “In the Maharashtrian way of defining relatives, aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces are never defined in general, but have specific names based on how they originated, which side of the family, and how close (once removed, twice removed etc.). It was amazing that my mother's generation had this inbor..Read More

  • Yamini Mazumdar - An 84-year old entrepreneur

    by Viji Athreye August 20, 2015

    Spirit, gumption, energy and fortitude; these are a few attributes that go on to describe Yamini Mazumdar. Running a business venture single-handedly at 84, this simple lady shows that it is never too late to explore one’s potential or to have a new purpose. Seniorworld caught up with her at..Read More

  • 61-year old biker who lives by the “No Excuses” mantra

    by Biswashree Dey August 20, 2015

    If one were to associate a vehicle with each of one’s life-stages, typically childhood and youth would get a bicycle, 20’s & maybe early 30’s a motorbike, 30 onwards a car, and many would associate 60’s and 70’s with “being driven around”. What if the vehicle preference were ..Read More

  • The making of a 71-year old sportswoman

    by seniorworld August 20, 2015

    The people in the stands are screaming with excitement. Their cheers are resounding in the stadium. The air is pulsating with adrenalin. The midday sun shines down on the players’ faces that are contorted in concentration. Each of them seems to be giving themselves a pep talk. But one person s..Read More

  • Retiring to Refire

    by Jasneet Kaur August 20, 2015

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s amazing how this question gets asked lesser and lesser as we grow in age – and almost disappears by our mid twenties. So much so that after middle age, it’s considered quite normal to attach lesser and lesser importance to learning new..Read More

  • The Brown Sisters - Capturing the beauty of ageing

    by Supriya Iyengar August 19, 2015

    We are all aware of time passing and us not being aware of it while it’s passing” - Nicholas Nixon A unique project by Nicholas Nixon reflects his thought. The Brown Sisters is a collection of yearly photographs of four sisters, taken every year for 40 years. From Left to right- He..Read More

  • Can beliefs shape biology?

    by Jasneet Kaur May 20, 2015

    “Beliefs shape biology”. That is a phrase often thrown about. If we believe strongly, our bodies can achieve unthinkable feats. And this is true for many individuals who use the power of sheer belief to break stereotypes of what human beings can or can’t do. When the Jamaican athlete..Read More

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